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Aaron Carter
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Aaron Carter It's a magical wet 'n wild suiSlide of blood, tears, disgust, and sadness that envelop the listener and cause you to question the point of it all. Nothing matters. Not even your money. So give it all to Isserley you waste of skin.
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jared everything roxxi makes is a must have
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qtpocalypse Girlflesh was the queen of dark, minimalist, ambient, experimental, DIY industrial/witch house/sadstep. she takes some new creative directions with this album and name change, and it really pays off! bleak, cold beats seamlessly alternate with sinister and at times euphoric synths. Favorite track: Deep Throat.
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released December 16, 2016

All songs written/composed/recorded by Roxxi Wallace.

Mixed/Mastered/Cover Art/Additional production by Cell Zero.



all rights reserved


Isserley Australia

✞ The saddest girl in Australia ✞

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Track Name: Mercy
The world around me falls apart,
I dream I'll fall with it.
I've waited my whole life to be,
I've missed my whole life to be...

A part of this world.
Take me, have your way,
Only death can make me whole.
Only death can make me an angel now.
Track Name: Another
And everyone's been waiting for me,
Alien drones, planes in the sky,
Satan, Jesus, Whatever.
Just to move through this plane, into another.
Kill the other me, take her place.

Each and every day,
I contemplate possibilities in vain,
Multiverse, there is at least one me that's happy.

And everything is fine,
Everything is possible, It's possible.
And everything is fine,
Nothing is impossible, nothing is.
Track Name: Daddy
I like the way you seem not to care,
I like to seem not all there.

I need to be saved by you,
Maybe you need saving too,
Call me baby and I'll call you daddy.

Your big arms, your quiet strength.
Your discipline, put me in my place.

You've changed my view of the universe,
The worlds not as perverse as I am with you.

I feel like I could just die,
If you're not here by my side,
Take me, bring me to my knees,
Please, kill me, It's what I need...

Track Name: UwU
Rule one: Every day is playday,
and if you take too long,
No way will I let you leave me...

...Because I live for fun,
Die for love,
Live for fun,
Not much else.

Tell me that you'll miss me when I die,
Dying is inevitable.
So tell me that we'll make the most of what we've got left.

We don't have to do what they say,
Your legacy is different to your namesake...

...So you should live for fun,
Die for love,
Live for fun and die when you're ready.
Track Name: A Moth On Thora Birch
I start from scratch,
I scrub myself down until it hurts.
Imperfections are what they are,
Like a moth on Thora Birch.

I've gotten good, I really have,
Even if that means that I just hide.
And in the start, I guess I never really got it,
But maybe a real part of me could change the tide.

Yes, it's all for change,
Bettering yourself,
To be a better you.
Track Name: 90210
And the outsides slipping in again,
It always makes me wanna live,
But if you're stuck, then you're stuck.
It makes it kinda hard to give a fuck about a whole lot, really.

On a perfect day, Maybe sun,
Maybe I could learn to trust someone.
On any day I've nothing to show,
I wish my life was exactly like 90210.

And we've all been here before,
Wishing we had something more,
But reality screams in my ear,
The more you love, the more you have to fear.

It's so sad,
This is us.
Track Name: Dead Birds
Smack, bang,
Beak first,
You've seen the worst.
Reflections beckon,
Mating season.
Your eyes were wide,
Wider than mine.
My window cracked,
Your neck snapped.

Everyone I'll ever know will die.
Everyone I'll never know will die.

I checked on you,
Something to do.
Told all my sins,
To your crooked wings.
Stray bird,
Dead bird,
Hear these words:
I've died too,
And I love you.
Track Name: Deep Throat
I like to choke, to feel life,
I've gotten good.

I like to choke myself,
Feel life slip away,
I like to give up power,
Feel like death.
Track Name: Charcoal Heart
I always get what I want,
I never get what I need.
I've given the illusion of control,
You're one step to making me whole.

Give me your heart,
Give me your hand,
Give me the start,
Give me the end.

Give me your love,
Give me some time,
Give me your soul,
Give me your mind.

I wish I felt like a part of this mess,
My charcoal heart would never take less.

Your only fault was getting close to me.

I won't rest til I get it all,
You can't stop me, I will have it all.
Everyone should have what they want,
I deserve what I want, I deserve what I want.
Track Name: Messes
My empty chest, it can't beat.
Not much more than this sullen meat.
The world has turned, been here before,
And you still think you're something more.

And my wrist seemed soft,
Ripe for the end,
Til' I decided I should stay,
Killing yourself is kinda lame.

I can hold my own.