How Do We Know She Is Alive?

by Isserley

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jared thumbnail
jared I've always loved Roxxi's music no matter what genres she wants to fuck with, the same misanthropic dimensions lay bare no matter what the sonic pallet. But this for sure, Ripley & Roxxi have grown into their dense sludge with maturity and dynamicism. Favorite track: Nails.
tumbledowns thumbnail
tumbledowns This album is so ridiculously high quality. Incredibly dystopic, full of resignation, apathy & burning loathing and yet also relatable, this is absolute GEM and deserves far more praise
SnowMexican94 thumbnail
SnowMexican94 I've been a fan for a little while so this may not come as a surprise, but I was completely hooked within the first minute. It feels like the duo of Isserley and Ripley are building on their work with Insides, bringing that album's metal infused ideas to fruition in a way only experience and dedication can. I know it's only January, but I think I've got a potential AOTY with this one, and it might just end up my new favourite of hers.
salskies thumbnail
salskies Exceedingly brooding and delightfully gothic
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I wanna be so fucking dumb that I can't see what's in front of me. I wanna be first class and have none, guess I just wanna be somebody. Follow me all the way, all the way, Follow me all the way down. I wanna go all the way, all the way. I wanna go all the way up. Maybe if you served me instead, I wouldn't wanna cut off your head. I wanna be so fucking wrecked I won't have to face what's inside of me. I want the world to be obsessed so I can see me as they all see me. Fuck all of the wealth you have amassed, If you really think you can buy me; you can't. The advantages that you think you have, If you think you can have me, you can't.
Nuclear warheads and boys, Turn them on, turn them off. All these things that destroy, Are we so different? Don't come close if you want something from me, whatever it is, I don't have it probably. Captivated or captive, Lock me up, lock me down. All the ways I adapted, Just aren't working right now. I've got a soul like a bomb that can't blast, You've got nowhere to go, and you're going there fast. What's the point in wanting anything if you can't have it all? What's the point in wanting me if I want nobody at all? What's the point in wanting anything if you can't have it all? What's the point in wanting me if I don't want you at all?
Audition 03:47
There is so much warm, There is so much wet. Not alone anymore, Well at least not yet. In a garden, a turgid den, I stand beside the best of them. If I cut them down, I stand, they bend, Will the sun shine bright on me then? It burns me down completely, Layers of skin are peeling. And now you see I'm nothing; I'm pure for you finally. I'm the one to mend them, A saviour, destroyer. No man has made me tender, I long for my surrender. There is strength in giving in, But I have never been that strong. A thirst so unforgiving, A drought that lasts too long. I'm the one to rend them, Insecure, a failure. So I leave them condemned, Auditioned and oh so ignored. Strip for me, Your soul, your skin. Strip for me, Show me everything.
Guinea Pig 03:44
Slit my wrist and bathe in it, Tell them all It's me you miss. They all know you're full of shit, All your secrets, they won't admit. If you want a chance to silence me, come find me. I won't be your guinea pig, and I won't let you get away with it. I let my guard down, but let's not pretend that I ever will again. Bite my tongue, would rather sever yours, Take a gun and cut your life short. I won't be your guinea pig, and I won't let you get away with it. I let my guard down but let's not pretend that I'll ever be the same way again. If you want a chance to silence me, come find me. If you want a chance to remedy, die quietly.
Nails 04:10
I've found a new way out, You can't stop me, can't find me now. I refresh, still can't accept, That no one cared, no one cares. These lights burn brighter than the sun, And yet I am still in the dark. I wait for God, a man, a gun, Just anything from anyone. So I'm a recluse now, The silence is way too loud. I don't need anyone now, All alone in the eye of a crowd. But I know that God will never come, There is no soul in broken parts. I look for life, for love, for one to love me like I am someone. My head is a cracked screen, Can only see what I want to see. The world is attacking, No soul, no heart, nothing inside of me. My head is a cracked screen, I only see what I can't be.
Girl Hell 03:36
Life waits for death just like you wait for me. My skin's always wet; maybe mist, maybe steam. I am filthy but stark with a heart versatile. No hope without the dark; my tears and a smile. I can be monster or I can be girl, Maybe I'm from water, maybe I'm from hell. Heard your last breath, like dogs on a scent. My veins still bleeding red, It's not for the best. I am cold and I'm dark, been that way for a while. I bite as much as I bark, my fears make me hostile. Am I a monster? A stain on this world? All the flames growing stronger, I am girl hell.
So I guess I'm a big girl now, I know what makes the world spin around. I know you offer nothing profound, I guess I look down on you, Just like God told me to. I'm delicate but I'm beaten by no man, Body pure like solvent, dissolve all that I can. Entrails of a virgin, Cut me open, be my surgeon, If you want it, come and get it, You can have it, I can take it. I could be nothing, I could be a star, I don't even know who you are. You can't catch me with your hooks like I'm a fish, Дорого, ты меня никогда не купишь I've got something you cannot buy, You'll never see what is inside.
All my dreams just drag me down, I had it all, lost it somehow, And where I want, can't get there now. The only way to go is down. I will be seen, I will be heard, I don't need a king, free as a bird. I'm the thing forsaken by God, I hurt so bad, always ignored. I must be bad, must be a fraud, So why would I expect applause? Do you see me? Recognise me. Guess I should be happy anyhow, Witnessed their fall, they're like me now, And what I want is simply not allowed, But I don't care, I just disavow it. I am not seen, I am not heard, I guess I'm the queen rising from dirt. I'm the girl forsaken by God, I want so bad to be devoured. I've gone so mad from power, So why would I expect help now? And if you won't help, weaponize me, Turn me against everything, Please weaponize me, Weaponize me.
Nosedive 03:02
I want to lay low on the road, Kill me blue, my own death row. With you I question me, rightfully so. Vertical lines, can't get it right though. I wanted to be a teenage Babylon, Know all that I know but I'm still getting it wrong. Seems things have been cut short, but It's felt so fucking long. I'll return to the dark, back to where I belong. Sometimes It's like there's two of me; Who I am and who I try to be. I can't destroy the bad, I can't delete, But the good is not enough to complete me.
Begotten 04:05
They said say no to it, Just made me want a habit. They say I've got a death wish. Living like this, It's not something I'd miss. I'm worn out, I want out, Life is offering nothing right now. I'm bored and over it, I will end it because I know how. Could be I'm counterfeit, Look close and you'll see the stitches. Sought out the answers ways too quick, Got what I wanted just to regret it. So cold and so jaded, Life is only suffering right now. I am strong, I hate it, Wish that I could let myself break down. I'm worn out, I want out, Life's not giving me shit right now. I'm so fucked, outta luck, If not tomorrow, why not now? So fuck all the pretence, I don't wanna have to keep pretending. I know that the world is ending, It always was. Waking up is a war, don't wanna fight anymore. I'm so cold, I'm so fake, Nothing left inside me to face. Might be strong, might just break. There is nothing I'd love more than to break into pieces and shatter on the floor.


released January 9, 2022

~Presented by Tigersquawk Records~

Written and Produced by Isserley and Ripley Sterling

Mixed by Ripley Sterling


all rights reserved



Isserley Australia

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